Freedom to Dictate Your Life and Being Productive

Two months ago, I did a brief cross-sectional #survey for employees on their work preference after the Lockdown (Read: #WFH) in Klang Valley. It comprise Private and Public Sector. The survey collected 498 useable data/respondents.

Among the main findings is as shown in the bar chart below

No alt text provided for this image

Note: Satellite refer to multiple hubs (can be rental space like SOHO).

Sixty-six percent of the respondents prefer that work from home become the way forward. Granted that the fear element because of #Covid might influence this high percentage, but it does shows that this #pandemic had nudged people to be more receptive to work from home as a permanent feature.

Obviously, there will be some works that require a face-to-face interaction and presence on the site. Even taking this into account, it is expected that #wfh is a feature that companies all around the world need to embrace and make it workable.

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Looking at side graph derived from a recent McKinsey study, #wfh would produce the best outcome in ability to access talent, productivity and cost saving to the companies. However, being realistic (challenges on reluctance by companies and some leaders), the hybrid version would offer the best alternative.

In another survey carried out by Adecco, 75% wanted the flexibility over their schedule and they prefer the hybrid arrangement. BUT… the leadership will be the obstacle.

Saying that, I know one company will proceed with a hybrid even after the MCO/RMCO is over (kudos to the company).

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Which future shaper will be next to embrace the 21st century?

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